Rainbow Six Siege

Clutch Tournaments presents you the Rainbow Six Siege weekly Sunday tournament for 5v5 amateur teams looking for a consistent and lucrative format of serious play. 


Traditional 5v5

The tournament will be the typical 5 versus 5 style. The early rounds will be BO1, quarter finals will be BO3, and Finals will be BO5. 

Server Location

The server for all matches will be Central to avoid any favorable connections. EU players are eligible to compete even though it is NA servers. 

Prize Pot

The prize pot for the tournament is $500. This will be divided as follows: 1st $250, 2nd $150, and 3rd $100. 

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $25 and will be paid to our corporate company’s Papal. The entry fee is due the Friday before the event. 


Each match will be viewed by an Admin. Select games in early rounds will be casted. From quarter-Finals onward all matches will be casted.


Each match will be observed by an Admin. If any players are suspected to be using mouse-and-keyboard or Cronus then that team will be disqualified from the tournament. 

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